What is it?

On the day of your embryo transfer, you should arrive one hour early at your doctor's office, where you will meet with one of our acupuncture practitioners before your scheduled procedure. A 20-30 minute acupuncture treatment will be performed.  After your doctor performs the embryo transfer, the acupuncturist performs a second acupuncture treatment.

While we recommend women participate in our longer-term fertility acupuncture program, this one time option is a stand-alone treatment that offers a higher success rate than no acupuncture at all.

How does it work?

The pre-transfer treatment uses acupuncture points that help dilate the cervix -- which makes the insertion of embryos easier. Other points are used to calm your nervous system -- which in turn relaxes the uterus, causing a decrease in cramping and contractions. Still more acupuncture points are used to help improve circulation of blood to the uterus, helping create a thicker uterine lining. All of these methods are calming, and all help optimize uterine receptivity.

The post-transfer treatment continues to focus on relaxing the nervous system, and uses points to help circulate additional blood to the uterus to help prevent contractions and to nourish the newly-implanted embryo, making a successful implantation more likely.

Will my doctor allow acupuncture in their office?

Over the years we have worked with numerous doctors in many offices, including:

  • Balboa Hospital
  • Fertility Specialists Medical Group
  • Reproductive Sciences Center
  • San Diego Fertility Center
  • UCSD Reproductive Partners

Because cost and scheduling can be an issue with some patients, we also offer pre- and post-transfer acupuncture at our Kearny Mesa and Encinitas clinics.  You can receive acupuncture treatment the day before the embryo transfer, and return immediately after the transfer for the second treatment as soon as your doctor allows it.

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