Let them see your sweat stains...

Despite poor critical reviews, "Venom" was actually quite entertaining.  Not sure what that says about my taste in movies...

My kids and I enjoyed the unexpected sense of humor.  And I love me a Tom Hardy anything.   Unfortunately, his British accent was Americanized.  Sigh...

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This kind of man is a dead man walking

One of my favorite relationship experts, Dr. Pat Allen, advises that unless your man is bleeding out or vomiting his guts out, don't ask him how he feels.  He can figure it out on his own without you mothering him.  

As women, we know how men become whiny man-children when it comes to the littlest thing - like a cold.  Not sayin' that's your man, but in general.

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How this common product can hurt your fertility

What surprising animal is genetically similar enough to us humans that it can be used in studies? 


Since more than 70% of the genetic structure of zebrafish resembles that of humans, scientists looked at the potential effect of common contaminants on the long-term impact of human fertility.

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What to do when you see pregnant women all around you...

My friend gave a powerfully emotional and deeply personal TedX talk this weekend.  I knew she had weight issues.  But I didn't realize the depth of her decades-long battle with eating disorders until she brought it to such a public stage.  And this is a person that I consider a close friend - someone who I would want at important life events.

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Important Announcements!

Lots of stuff cooking up in here.  So here are some of the new things going on in my little world...

  • FB Live recording of the webinar I held last Friday is available for viewing - "Battle Foreign Estrogen for Better Fertility".  To watch it, go to my FB pagehere.  Discount to work with me ends this Friday - more info about that at the end of the video.

  • "Like" & "Follow" my page so you're notified with updates.  I'll be holding more FB Lives.  Most will be short fertility tips & news.

  • My new website, fertilityeggspurt.com, is officially ready!  Same ol' me but brand new online look.  It was a lot of work but I think it was worth it.  Hope you like.

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