The ONE thing you need to do to improve your fertility

"How can I get pregnant?" 

I get asked that a lot on social media.  No additional supporting information.  

You know that saying about how there are no bad questions?  Yeah, there are.  And this would be one of them.

My assumption is that they're looking for that ONE thing - that one food, one supplement, or one technique which will get them pregnant despite years of trying unsuccessfully. 

The magic pill.  

I will tell you right now that there isn't one magical pill.  At least in the way you imagine it.  

But there is ONE attitude you can have while traveling this very rough fertility road.

It's a lesson that I continue to practice myself.  An approach that I try to teach my kids. 

I apply it EVERY.  SINGLE.  DAY.

No exception. 
Even on weekends. 
Even on holidays.

It's an attitude that makes any obstacle surmountable or, at least, emotionally manageable.

Because not practicing this makes life really, really hard.  And frankly, quite depressing.

It's said quite succinctly by my business mentor, Ben Settle...

"Instead of making goals around specific outcomes, make goals around the things you can control."

In your case, the positive pregnancy test is that specific outcome that you can't control.

But you can influence that result and tip the scale in your favor by making goals around the things you CAN control.  Things like...

  • eating nutrient-dense foods that feed your body, not drain it due to inflammation

  • getting enough sleep so your body can repair itself 

  • disconnecting from external noise like social media that feeds your insecurities

  • going outdoors everyday to get healing sunshine

  • exercising in the right way to stimulate mitochondria, the power plants of your eggs and sperm

Do you see how much more empowering it is to focus on these actions instead of waiting anxiously every month for your period?

Create a system to make sure that you do these things. 

What do I do?

Since my big project is to help as women 35yo and older have a healthy baby, I have certain things I need to focus on every day. 

I have a bunch of sticky flags on my laptop monitor.  At the beginning of the day, they're on the right side of the screen.  Tasks I'm currently working on get moved to the top edge.  When done, the flags are moved to the left.  Simple, effective, and holds me accountable for making sure I do what's important to keep me moving forward everyday.

Improving your fertility enough to get pregnant after years of trying is a project with lots of moving pieces. 

Consider yourself a project - a work in progress.  

Treat it with the organization, dedication, and excitement it deserves.  The rewards are life changing.  I promise.

If you want the specific steps on what to do, it's all in my Fertility Top10

All my best,
Julie Chang, L.Ac
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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When you alone aren't enough...

A client gave me one of the nicest compliments last week.  She thanked me for giving her strength on her fertility journey. 

Although she's not pregnant yet, she has progressed very far and I believe it's a matter of time.

But I've had to help her through the emotional turbulence.

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Kindness - an endangered trait

I used to say I want to find a nice guy, thinking that was all-encompassing.  But my dating experiences have shown me that "nice" isn't enough.  I was equating nice with kind.  They will overlap but they aren't the same thing.

Being nice is a way to please people.  It's a superficial act often dictated by societal norm.  One can be be nice but not kind.

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Declare your independence!

The U.S. celebrates its birthday today - 242 years after it declared independence from Britain.  

Although the Lee Resolution, the vote for independence of the 13 original colonies (who says 13 is an unlucky number?) from British colonialists, was passed on July 2, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was officially signed July 4, 1776.

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BBQ chars your fertility too

Fire up the grill!  July 4th is right around the corner and a summer of bbq-ing to look forward to.

Yes, grilling is awesome.  

Easy and tasty.

It seems to be the universal cooking skill mastered by men.  So very easily outsourced to hubby.  Bonus - they even volunteer to clean up the BBQ.

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Fertility Tip #9 - it's as simple as this

Fertility tip #9 - Drink more water.

I know. 

This is the least revolutionary idea EVER. 

That's why I saved it until the end of this series of tips, rather than the beginning where it actually belongs. 

But, honestly, no matter how many >$15,000 IVF cycles you do, expensive supplements you take, or weekly sessions with your acupuncturist, if you don't drink enough water, your fertility ship ain't gonna sail.

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Fertility Tip #6 - What you think is good for you probably isn't

What did you have for breakfast today?

If you're like most women who have committed to eating better for improved fertility, it might be one of these common choices:

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