Size DOES Matter. Yes, THAT size.

Psst.  Ladies, don't show this email to your men.

In almost 20 years of working with men with sperm quality issues, I have never, ever questioned if size matters when it comes to fertility.

Luckily, scientists were a lot more curious than me.  

The first study to link penile length with male infertility will be presented this week.

The results?

It found that on average, men who were infertile were around one centimeter shorter than their fertile counterparts. Those without reproductive issues had an average length of 13.4 cm (5.3 in) while those in the infertile group were 12.5cm (4.9 in).

One centimeter doesn't seem like a lot but it was statistically significant when looking at the 815 men and their erect appendage.

The study's lead researcher hypothesized that the shorter length might be due to underlying conditions such as hormonal issues or problems in the testes, contributing to infertility.

I wouldn't whip out the tape measure since the information isn't clinically useful.

But I DO recommend having your male partner get a semen analysis done since men contribute to 50% of cases of infertility.

What are you looking for?  Well, that's a discussion for my next FB Live.  Join me Thursday Oct 25 at 10am PST on FB page (@juliechangfertility) as I discuss why a current semen analysis is so important and how to read it.  If he had one done in the past year, have it handy during the training.  If not, by the ime I'm done, you'll know why he needs to get one done ASAP!  No worries if you can't make it live - it'll be recorded.

In the meantime, if you missed my webinar on how to use IVF more successfully even if you're in your 40s or diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, check it out on my FB page (@juliechangfertility).  It'll only be available for another few days.

All my best,
Julie Chang, L.Ac.
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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How this common product can hurt your fertility

What surprising animal is genetically similar enough to us humans that it can be used in studies? 


Since more than 70% of the genetic structure of zebrafish resembles that of humans, scientists looked at the potential effect of common contaminants on the long-term impact of human fertility.

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What to do when you see pregnant women all around you...

My friend gave a powerfully emotional and deeply personal TedX talk this weekend.  I knew she had weight issues.  But I didn't realize the depth of her decades-long battle with eating disorders until she brought it to such a public stage.  And this is a person that I consider a close friend - someone who I would want at important life events.

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Important Announcements!

Lots of stuff cooking up in here.  So here are some of the new things going on in my little world...

  • FB Live recording of the webinar I held last Friday is available for viewing - "Battle Foreign Estrogen for Better Fertility".  To watch it, go to my FB pagehere.  Discount to work with me ends this Friday - more info about that at the end of the video.

  • "Like" & "Follow" my page so you're notified with updates.  I'll be holding more FB Lives.  Most will be short fertility tips & news.

  • My new website,, is officially ready!  Same ol' me but brand new online look.  It was a lot of work but I think it was worth it.  Hope you like.

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40yo & 2 losses - What's next?

Have you noticed how you start your day can set the tone for the rest of it?

The coffee machine broke, no clean undies so you gotta wear them inside out, fridge is empty, dishes from last night still untouched, someone cut you off on your way to work, ... 

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How healthy are you? Take this simple test...Part 4

This is the 4th installment of a series.  Read part 1part 2, and part 3 first before you go any further.

So now you might suspect that part of the reason why you may not be getting pregnant is that you have too much estrogen relative to your other hormones.

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How healthy are you? Take this simple test...Part 3

Did you miss part 1 and part 2 of this series?  Read those first.  Then come back here.  

If your calculated waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) is greater than 0.85 for women or 0.90 for men, that might be an indication of too much estrogen circulating in your body.

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How healthy are you? Take this simple test...Part 2

Today's a continuation of yesterday's email so if you missed it, STOP!  Read this first

If you have your waist-to-hip ratio (WHR), let's talk about what it means to you and potentially your fertility and long-term health...

According to the World Health Organization, a healthy WHR is:

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How healthy are you? Take this simple test...Part 1

You know what's dumb?  Posting a picture of yourself with a better looking dude in an online dating app.  So disappointing!

People often choose based on looks.  Don't tempt me with the buffet in your profile pics but tell me my option is the wilted salad.  That's just messed up.

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Mirror, mirror on the wall...Who's the prettiest of them all?

A guilty pleasure in recent weeks are makeup transformation videos on Youtube.

They're really mind blowing. 

Skin tape to change the face shape, contouring, clay to raise the nose bridge, and then the endless products.

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