ASK AN EXPERT: Choosing the right prenatal vitamins while trying to conceive

Taking a high quality prenatal vitamin is important  for successful conception and a healthy pregnancy.  The nutrients provided in these pills help to bridge the gap between what is needed for optimal health and what is ingested through food.  Although our food provides the necessary nutrients for our bodies to carry out its functions, it is difficult to get what we need for maximum function.  This is where prenatal vitamins come in.

With all the choices on the shelves, it's difficult to figure out which to take so here's a quick way to figure out if it's trash. If your prenatal has food coloring, DUMP IT.  You now know that the quality of what you actually want is of poor quality.  If the recommended dosage on the label is 1 pill a day, DUMP IT.  Such a low dosage indicates that the nutrients are all synthetic chemicals.  DUMP them even if it's prescribed by your doctor.  Most doctors haven't done the research on high quality multivitamins so you're often better off asking the person working at your health foods store.

If your prenatal has passed the tests above, look to see if the label says that it's food-based or a whole food multivitamin.  If it does, congratulations - you've selected a high quality multivitamin, whether by accident or design.

In our clinic, we have been using Rainbow Light's Complete Prenatal System for women under 35 years and Rainbow Light's Embrace 35+ for women over 35 years.  This brand has been well liked because it's gentle on the stomach and doesn't cause constipation.

If you would like my opinion on your multivitamin or have any other questions, post a comment below.