A FERTILE LIFESTYLE: Stress Management - the Gift of Zen This Holiday Season

The holidays are a wonderful time for families to gather, celebrate, and make memories together.  While a home filled with friends and relatives can bring joy, it can also bring its share of stressors.  Add in cooking, cleaning, and the search for the perfect present and the holiday season can quickly turn from festive to frantic.

Fortunately there is a pro-active way to manage your stress this holiday season! Consider giving yourself the gift of acupuncture as a way to bring a much needed dose of Zen to your holiday routine.

Acupuncture works by releasing endorphins, which are natural pain-killing chemicals, in your brain. Its calming influence also helps with blood circulation, lowers your blood pressure, relaxes your muscles and decreases your heart rate - all of these benefits help alleviate tension, decrease stress and facilitate a better night’s sleep.  Acupuncture may be just the thing you need to feel rested, relaxed, and ready to take on your season full of holiday festivities.

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