CLINIC UPDATES: 2 New Fertility Support Groups Provide Encouragement, Hope

The path to successful conceiving, and carrying, a baby can be a bumpy one, paved with both moments of hope and silent grief.  When a woman doesn’t conceive as quickly as anticipated, or receives an infertility diagnosis, she can experience feelings of disbelief, anger, shock and depression. Additionally, many women feel isolated in these struggles, as the family and friends they count on for their support system in other areas of their life often don’t understand the unique trials of fertility issues.

Finding support, encouragement and camaraderie with others who are experiencing similar fertility challenges alleviates the stress and isolation a woman feels during her fertility journey, thus improving her chances of conceiving. With this in mind, the Zen Fertility Center has created two support groups:

·         The Pioneer Group  - a monthly, in-person support group facilitated by two fertility experts
The inaugural meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at 6:00pm at the Zen Fertility Center (7969 Engineer Road, Suite 209, San Diego, CA 92111). Facilitated by Julie Chang, owner and founder of Zen Fertility Center, and reproductive psychologist Dr. Katie Martin, the hour-long session will include a brief presentation on how women can find physical, emotional, mental and social support as they move through their fertility journey. Time for questions and answers and an open group discussion will follow.

·         Zen Fertility Center Connection - a private, invite-only Facebook group
Currently accepting new members and is open to all women, regardless of where they are in their fertility journey, participation and posts for this private Facebook group will never show up in members’ newsfeeds or timelines and only other members can see who is part of the community. This is an ideal outlet for women who can’t make the in-person groups or need extra support in between the monthly group meetings.

Attendees of either group do not have to be a current patient of Zen Fertility Center to participate.  To RSVP for the Pioneer Group, request a Facebook invitation to Zen Fertility Center Connection, or for more information, contact Julie at

Also, remember that emotional support combined with acupuncture helps treat fertility on a holistic level and acupuncture is a healthy way to counter the increases of stress during a busy holiday season! To schedule an acupuncture treatment appointment with Julie Chang, please call (858) 495-0771.