By Julie Chang, L.Ac., acupuncture fertility expert and owner and founder of Zen Fertility Center

The bustle of the holidays are over, the decorations are finally packed up and the excitement about a new year, and new possibilities, is upon us. To celebrate this time of resolutions and rebirth, Zen Fertility Center is offering two, limited-time opportunities to help women make 2014 their most fertile year possible!

Free 30-Minute Consultation:

Does your fertility journey need a “jumpstart?”  Whether you are just starting out, or have hit a roadblock or two along the way, a free 30-minute consultation with me can help you learn what plays a role in shaping your fertility picture, identify the most effective fertility strategies, and re-focus your energy towards your 2014 goals. This consultation will cover you and your partner’s medical histories, fertility goals, and ideal timeline for conception as well as provides you a safe space to ask questions.

Following this consultation, I will create a customized fertility plan encompassing recommendations for acupuncture and other alternative medicine treatments, a nutrition guide, lifestyle changes and next steps, which we will review during a follow-up, pre-paid visit.  Consultations can be conducted locally in person or long-distance by phone or Skype.

Refer a Friend program:

I know the first step, coming in for a consultation for an acupuncture appointment, may seem like the simplest part of reclaiming your fertility, but it’s often the hardest part since it requires a leap of faith.  That is why I  am launching the “Refer a Friend” program.  When a current clients refers a friend for an acupuncture treatment, the client will receive a $25 credit towards her next acupuncture treatment (or $10 cash) and the referred friend will receive $25 off her first acupuncture treatment. New clients just need to mention the name of the client who referred her when she schedules her first appointment. This is a great way for current clients to introduce their friends and family members to how acupuncture can positively impact their fertility journey.

I believe this is the year you fulfill your destiny of becoming a parent! Acupuncture, and other holistic methods that address the physical, mental and emotional aspects of trying to conceive, can help you meet your fertility goals.  Make 2014 your most fertile year! To schedule an appointment, a consultation or for more information, contact me at (858) 495-0771 or