PODCAST: Dr. Katie Martin, Clinical Psychologist

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Dr. Katie Martin is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in San Diego who has specialized fertility experience. She ran one of the largest surrogacy and egg donor programs in the country where she helped to connect intended parents with donors and surrogates.  Dr. Martin currently sees individuals, couples and families in her practice to help them better manage the stress related to fertility issues. 

Common stumbling block for people trying to conceive

2 groups of people: 1) people who let their fertility issues take over their lives and 2) those who minimize any type of emotional response to their infertility

Misconception about fertility

Underplaying the emotional and spiritual component when trying to conceive

What is one thing that people can do to improve their outcome?

Finding a community of support

Fertility Resource

www.2womenshealth.com – general resource for women

marc.ucla.com   - UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center

Fertility Support Group 1/14/2014 6pm Zen Fertility Center in San Diego

Guest contact info

Dr. Katie Martin, PsyD
Positive Change Counseling Center


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