Stephanie Caballero, Founder of The Surrogacy Law Center, PLC

Stephanie Caballero is an attorney and is the founder of The Surrogacy Law Center and she has practiced exclusively in the field of assisted reproduction law since 2005. She has represented nearly 2,000 clients through surrogacy, egg donation, embryo donation and sperm donation.

Common stumbling block for people trying to conceive

  • Being mentally ready for egg donation

Misconception about fertility

  • Can an egg donor keep the baby?

What is one thing that people can do to improve their outcome?

  • Stress management

If you have a sister experiencing fertility issues, how would you advise her?

  • See a reproductive endocrinologist (REI)

Fertility Resources

  • – info on egg donation
  • “Mommy Did I Grow in Your Tummy?: Where Some Babies Come from” – Elaine Gordon

Parting Advice

  • Keep your hope.

Guest contact info

Stephanie M. Caballero, Esq.

The Surrogacy Law Center, PLC

2701 Loker Ave West  Suite #100

Carlsbad CA 92010

Phone  760-438-0558 

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