Buttering You Up for Success. Here's How...

"What ingredients do you recommend for a smoothie?  We used to get the veggie and fruit powders from your office when we lived in San Diego.  Now we live in a small town in Illinois.  Are the ingredients available on Amazon? " asks an inquiring mind. 

True, true.

I used to recommend smoothies for breakfast. But, alas, I implemented a new drink last year and I'm truly loving the results i.e. more pregnancies! 

Super easy.



Comprehensive so the drink for breakfast is enough.   

I will pull back the curtains on it as I have only revealed it to my existing patients until now.

Butter Drink.jpg

Butter Drink Recipe
(Don't judge me on the name.  I'll work on it later. )


Blend and enjoy!

Here are some extra deets:

  • Blend, don't mix.  Cuz it'll be yucky.
  • Kerrygold brand of butter is easy to find.
  • Butter is better cuz it gets foamy - like a latte.  But grass-fed ghee or organic coconut oil is fine.  You can add a smidge of sunflower lecithin to get it to foam (I liked it much better that way).
  • Don't get all weirded out about the fat.  This is the most important ingredient so don't skip it!  High quality saturated fats are essential for fertility.  Most people have too little for optimal health.
  • Try different teas to see what you prefer.  I like matcha green tea powder.
  • The tea or coffee provides antioxidants. 
  • The coconut oil extract gives an energy boost to the brain so it functions better.  Very important for hormonal function.  The extract is still necessary even if you use coconut oil instead of butter.  It's a very specific compound so don't confuse it with general coconut oil. 
  • This drink is for breakfast.  It should keep you full until lunch.  If it doesn't because you're used to eating big breakfasts, it's a matter of being patient until your body gets used to it.

Kudos to Bulletproof Coffee as this recipe is based on Dave Asprey's awesome work and research.

I'm developing a fertility herbal tea that will work with this recipe so I'll keep you posted... 

For more disgusting fat recipes in person that will boost your fertility, book your appointment here: http://juliechang.genbook.com/

Drink forth and prosper!
Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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