Caffeine or Not?

Butter, ghee, or coconut oil.  Which do you choose?

Here's what one reader prefers.  Lol.  Thanks for sharing!

A patient writes: " Good morning Julie!  I was just reading the ingredients of the Butter Drink and noticed that the first ingredient is coffee or tea.  I thought I was supposed to avoid caffeine while trying to conceive.  I always try to follow all of your recommendations ;-) "

You are an excellent Jedi in training as you do very well in adhering to my advice. 

Yes, I do recommend avoiding caffeine when trying to conceive.  Caffeine can cross the placenta when you're pregnant so you might as well start cleaning house before then. 

However, I know some of you have a difficult time going cold turkey on coffee so that's why I included it in this recipe. 

Herbal tea is naturally decaffeinated so you can use teas like chamomile, mint, ginger, and rooibos.  Rooibos has the most depth in flavor so will stand up better to the fats.   

I also make an exception for matcha green tea.  Although it has caffeine, it's signficantly less than coffee.  The health benefits for matcha green tea outweigh the caffeine.

That's it for now.

See you tomorrow!

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Drink forth and prosper!
Julie Chang,
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