Can Egg Count Increase?

Something I get asked a lot of... "Please help to solve my problem.  How can I increase my ovum (egg) count."

If you're trying to conceive naturally...

Increasing egg count is irrelevant. 

What matters is that you ovulate.  In natural conception, you need only 1 egg.


That egg needs to be high quality so that it can get fertilized, implant, and grow into a healthy baby 9 months later.  

The focus of treatment then is to improve quality, not quantity.

On the other hand, if you're using IUI or IVF, then count becomes more relevant.  Your chance of success increase (to a limit) if more eggs respond to the fertility medications.

Yes - count can improve.  But it's more likely that count increases only slightly while egg quality improves.  That results in better embryos.

Picture this:
Apple releases its next iPhone.  On the day of release, there's a mob of people waiting anxiously to get their greedy little hands on that sucker.  But the majority of the population is going about their usual business. 

Would it be easier and cheaper for Apple to upsell the fanatics willing to stand in line for hours more Apple related things as part of the launch? 

Or should Apple try to nudge people from home or work? 

So it is with egg count vs. quality...

At any given point in time, eggs are in different stages of development.  The front runners (the ones lining up at the door) are going to be the ones most easily influenced by holistic therapies to improve their quality (like the Apple consumers who buy more).  Those are the ones to focus on.  Not trying to get more eggs which are farther along in the developmental process to the finish line ( the ones staying at home in their jammies).

Not impossible.  Just more difficult.

Make sense?

So how can you increase egg count and quality?

Keep reading my daily tips and implement them.  Over time, hopefully you'll get to where you want to be.

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