Silencing Your Inner Bully

This weekend, I saw one of the best films I've seen in a long time. 

"Hidden Figures" is an incredible true story of 3 brilliant African American women.  They overcame discrimination of race and gender to make their mark in NASA's history books. 

It was a powerful portrayal of the struggle these women faced to achieve their dreams.  Truly empowering and inspiring.  People clapped at the end of the movie - that's how moved we were.

I'm often asked if I can help overcome a particular condition.  Usually the person is doubtful of her chances of conceiving because of age, decreased ovarian reserve, or some other medical diagnosis. 

In essence, if I can help that person achieve her dreams of having a child.

Rarely do I say that it's not possible even if their doctors say it isn't and it's time to consider egg donors.  I don't believe in absolutes.  I've seen and partaken in too many "miracles".

Because the impossible can mean "I aM POSSIBLE".  It often just depends on your choices and attitudes.

Self-doubt is generated from our own insecurities and often has no basis in reality. 

It's original intention is keep us safe when we were small.  However, as capable adults it is our job to put these limiting beliefs in their place.

To recognize that they don't serve us and in fact, they are just our own inner bullies. 

Often the self-doubt comes from a fear of not being good enough. 

Overcoming that inner destructive dialogue takes mindfulness.  Acknowledging the thoughts but also recognizing how you create value by just being yourself. 

That you are enough as you are right now can be difficult to see much less embrace. 

However, it's often the first step to achieving your dream.

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