Fertility Advice for Vegetarians

"I am vegetarian can you have any suggestions for me? To help egg quality.", asks a reader.

I know this email will offend some of you. 

But I know what I know.  And that's how to use animal products to get the best results to improve egg quality.

I know what I don't know.  And that's how to use only vegetarian sources to get better eggs.

Animal products aren't always needed but it depends on the condition.  

Improving egg quality?

Fats and proteins are key elements in eggs.  The most readily absorbed and comprehensive source of fats and proteins are from animals.  

My training is in Traditional Chinese Medicine which includes animal products.  All of my subsequent nutritional training focuses on an omnivorous diet.  All natural fertility experts I respect and follow recommend animal products as part of their healing regimen.

It's not to say you can't get pregnant if you're vegetarian or vegan.  Obviously, it happens.  I've had vegetarian patients get pregnant.  

However, everyone's metabolism is different.  So just because it worked for someone else, doesn't mean it will work for you.

It also requires very careful planning and research to ensure that you get the full spectrum of nutrients if you don't eat meat.  Supplementation is needed as well to fill in any nutritional gaps from not eating meat. Many don't go to this effort.  So they run the risk of severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies that are extremely difficult to overcome without any animal products. 

So, the only suggestions I can give are to use organic coconut oil as much as possible (about the equivalent of 6 tablespoons a day) and rotate through different high quality plant based protein powders (NOT soy based).  Having different plant proteins will give you more diversity of nutrients.

If you're an omnivore and want more personal fertility guidance, book your appointment here: http://juliechang.genbook.com/

Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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