New Year's Resolutions Don't Work! Here's What to Do Instead...

Geez.  Where does the time go?

It's a new year and with it comes a renewed sense of hope for better things in the upcoming year. 

With the best of intentions, we promise ourselves we'll do better.  Exercise more, eat healthier, go to sleep earlier, meditate every day, stop speeding through a yellow light, and so forth.

Then a mere few weeks later, all those promises we made to ourselves have largely evaporated, leaving only the guilt of letting go of a meaningful goal to linger like the stink of dog poop hiding somewhere in the house.

Here’s what I propose instead…

First, take the time to reflect on what you did right so you can do more of it.  Focus on the positive and stop beating yourself up on what went wrong.

Second, kick your New Year’s resolutions to the curb and replace them with just one intention. 

Make that intention a verb.    It could be something like to be open, to forgive, to be patient,…

Write it down so you can see it every day.

Intentions can now become a guidepost for your actions in all areas of your life, not just one specific goal. 

How much better would your life be at the end of the year if you implemented your intention in even the smallest of ways?

My intention for the year is to love.

  • Love myself enough to eat the right foods, exercise regularly, get 8 hours of sleep, eat enough veggies to have a No. 2 every day, and snowboard more.
  • Love my family and friends by making time to talk with them on a regular basis.  Call my parents more.
  • Love my patients enough so that I continue to learn about how to help them achieve their goals.

What is your intention?

If one of your intentions involves improving your health (it should!) and you need extra help, you can book an appointment here -

Julie Chang
Licensed Acupuncturist

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