A Life on Your Own Terms


Eyes peep open.  It's still dark outside.

Hand flies out from under the covers.  Smack that "SNOOZE".

8 minutes later...


Argh!  Can't avoid it anymore.  It's time to get ready for work. 

Shower.  Brush teeth.  Grab a yogurt and piece of fruit on your way out the door.   Go to work.


We've all been there. Not feeling motivated.  Feeling like it's just another day. 

Work, go home, say a few words to the hubby or wife, veg out in front of the tv, sleep. 

Rinse and repeat.

In my appointments with my patients, I hear variations of this story over and over.  No excitement.  No passion.  It's all routine. 

I hope I'm helping my patients snap out of this life on autopilot.

Why is this important to improve fertility?

If you're just coasting through, you're not living in the moment.  Being present.  Loving yourself and your community. 

If you're not filled with mindful love, your body will not be ready to receive the ultimate gift of love.

So get out of your rut and do something fun for:
1) yourself
2) yourself AND your partner
3) repeat 1 and 2 until you are living a life you can be proud of

If you need a kick in the arse, get started here: http://juliechang.genbook.com/

Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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