Pay Yourself First

Pay yourself first.

That's usually something we hear in the financial world.  That's important, of course.

But what I'm talking about is how to set yourself up for success personally.

Every morning, I wake up early enough to get my 23 minutes of meditation, take my dog for a run, and enjoy my power butter tea.  Sometimes, I can get all that done in the first hour.  Often, I have to break it up so that it gets done over 2-3 hours.  Either way, they all get done to meet my physical, spiritual. and emotional needs. 

Sometimes it's tempting to just hit the snooze button and sleep in a little more.  But just like brushing my teeth, I do it whether or not I feel like it.  Over time, it's just part of my routine.

And the payoff is huge.

I'm emotionally anchored, tanked up on my essential nutrients, and ready to make the most of my day. 

Now that I've taken care of myself, I'm ready to take care of others. 

Kinda like the airplane directive of putting on my air mask first before I put it on my children.  I can't help them if I'm out of the game.

Self-care physically, emotionally, and spiritually are essential to increasing fertility so don't think it's just woo-woo nonsense.  Do it for one week and see how much of a difference it makes.

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