Girls Just Wanna Have Some Luvin'

Ladies - step aside today.  Yesterday's email was for you. 

This one is for the gents.

As mentioned yesterday, doods need variety and spice. 

Ladies need a different kind of luvin'.

Based on what I've observed and heard from my patients and, of course, personal experience, here it is:

By no means exhaustive, but it's a start.  In no particular order...

  • Compliment her - Man, we can't get enough of this if it's done in a genuine way.  Don't make it just about her physical appearance either.  
  • Show physical affection - There is nothing more heart-melting than a spontaneous hug, nuzzle, kiss, or just a simple touch.  It shouldn't always lead to sex either.
  • Listen to her - Women like to talk.  You know this cuz you complain about it often enough.  We're not necessarily trying to get our problems solved.  We just like to talk things through - that's how we process.  You guys go to your man cave.  We chitter chatter.
  • Be her anchor -  Having fertility issues is more difficult on a woman than a man.  It just is - trust me.  She needs an anchor during this storm.  So step up and be that for her.
  • Appreciate her - She has committed herself to you so don't take for granted all that she does for you.

The more you can cherish her in these ways, the more you fill up her cup of love.  In turn, that love comes right back at you.  It's a 2 way street so navigate with care and attention. 

To sum it up, be present. 

And for crying out loud, turn off the damn phone, computer, or tv when talking with the person you've devoted your life to!

Ok, stepping off my pulpit now.  Enjoy your weekend.

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