How Tchaikovsky can Help Your Fertility

I saw a wonderful one-man musical play "Our Great Tchaikovsky", written and performed by Hershey Felder, this past weekend. 

Felder recounts the life of Tchaikovsky, one of the greatest composers of all time. Renowned for Sleeping BeautySwan LakeThe Nutcracker and numerous symphonies, he often didn't receive the admiration he deserved until after his death.  In fact, Swan Lake and The Nutcracker initially were flops and didn't become successful until after his death.

But it didn't matter to him what the critics said about his works. 

Music was his soul.  His life blood. 

He had an unwavering need to express himself through his compositions regardless of others' opinion.  He forged his own path despite the naysayer.

As should you.

You may have been told numerous times that it is hopeless for you to have your own child.  And that may very well be true.  I don't know your circumstances. 

However, if you feel in your heart that having a child is truly what you want, you owe it to yourself to explore different avenues to help you achieve that goal.

I can't count the number of patients who have gotten pregnant despite what their doctors have told them.

The path may not be what you envisioned when you first started trying to conceive.  But you are the author of your own story so you determine how you want it to unfold.

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Julie Chang,
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