Lesson from Online Dating

I unplugged from online dating a few months ago after giving it a try for 3 months.  I didn't like how I was obsessively checking the dating apps for new messages.  Kinda like how many people are with checking their Facebook. 

I went on a number of dates.  After exchanging a few messages online, I would agree to meet for coffee. 

Those were fun but the doods expected too much of me.  I had just met them for an hour of coffee and they wanted to know if I'm interested in dating them.  What happened to just getting to know a person first?

A few of them tried to swoop in for a kiss.  That was awkward when I turned away from the sneak attack. 

Anyways, I didn't like the sheer effort of online dating.  It took too much time and energy that I would rather spend elsewhere.  It was like interviewing someone for the position of nice, decent guy who would just let thing unfold naturally.  They all failed miserably.

I knew my time was better spent elsewhere.  Such as chillin' with my kids, friends, family, working on my business, working on me.  Plenty of other things to do.

So my takeaway for you:

Look at where and who you're spending time with. 

If it serves you, great!  Do more of it.

If not, cut it out of your life.  Or if you can't completely, limit your exposure to it.

Doing so will free up your energy for people and things that are truly important.  

Your time is the most precious resource you have.  Once it's gone, you can't get it back. 

Choose wisely what you do with it.  You'll be happier, I promise.

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Julie Chang,
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