Is Your Water Killing Your Fertility?

Drinking plenty of clean water is key to improving fertility.

It sounds too simplistic.  But it's often that simple. 

Granted, it's not the only reason why you may be having difficulties. 

But dehydration is one of the factors that can decrease fertility.  Your organs need plenty of water to carry out its many functions. 

Remember that bag of grapes sitting on your counter?  Over time, they start shriveling due to lack of water.  I use the example of grapes because ovaries and testes remind me of super-sized grapes.

Drinking tap water isn't a good option for many cities because of contamination. 

So your best options are to filter tap water or buy spring water.

The popular pitcher filters aren't good enough to filter out most pollutants.  The filter size just isn't small enough.  The filtration system needs to have reverse osmosis in order to effectively remove toxic chemicals, compounds, salts, and metals .

Here is the best countertop filter I've found.  

I personally have it at home and love it.  Out of curiosity, I tested its effectiveness.  Using a water purity detector, my tap water in San Diego tested at over 500 TDS (total dissolved solids).  That level is above the EPA's max contaminant level.  With the filter, the TDS went down to about 30 TDS (equivalent to spring water).

So, drink up!

Note: I have no affiliation with this product so will not profit from any sales.  I am simply passing along the offer to you which I received in my inbox this weekend because I have been asked many times for a recommendation.

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Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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