The 411 on Fertility Recipe: Salad with Smoked Salmon and Egg

Yeah - sorry about leaving you hanging yesterday.

I made the salad with smoked salmon and egg (ingredients in yesterday's email) so I could take a picture of it.  Problem was... it was staring at me, begging "Eat me".  I had to answer its siren call. 

I'm back though.  No food in front of me now.  Let's get to bizness.

So, I'll give you the low down on why each ingredient is so great for your fertility.

First, the fried egg should be cooked with the yolk as runny as possible.  The runnier the yolk, the more the enzymes are preserved since they are heat sensitive.  Then sprinkle the fried egg with freshly ground sea salt and kelp granules.

Eggs and salmon are some of the best sourcesof protein.  Protein is important for egg and sperm quality. 

Eggs from pasture raised chickens are the best eggs because they're the most nutrient dense and cleanest from toxins and pesticides.

Get wild fish whenever you can because again, they're the most nutrient dense and cleanest.  Did you know wild salmon get that beautiful color from eating their natural diet of krill and shrimp?  Farm raised salmon are given food coloring since they're fed who knows what? Yuck!

Grass-fed butter, grass-fed ghee, and organic coconut oil are recommended for cooking.  They're stable when heated unlike vegetable oils such as olive oil which get damaged by heat.

Seeds are a great source of protein and healthy fats.  Pumpkin seeds provide extra zinc which has been shown to improve sperm quality.  If it's good for the sperm, it should also be good for improving the egg quality.

MCT C8 is an extract of coconut oil.  It's like the high octane fuel for the brain.  It'll get your brain pumping!  Very important for hormonal regulation.

Sea salt provides valuable high quality sodium for your body's many needs.

Kelp granules provide iodine which is needed for optimal thyroid function.

There you have it.  In a nut shell, why each ingredient creates the foundation for a well tuned machine.

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Julie Chang,
Acupuncturist in training for the past 18 years

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