Homework You'll Actually Thank Me For

Have weekend plans? 

Well, whatever it is, here's something you can do that you'll thank me for and have fun with!

Routine in relationships can be comforting.  But they can also become deadly dull.  We need variety to get our libidos pumping.

Here's my prescription for you to do today... set up a surprise date with your loved one. 

A few suggestions:

  • book a reservation at a restaurant neither of you have been to
  • get partners massages or give your loved one a massage
  • channel your inner Picasso ata wine and art class
  • explore the outdoors on a hike, bike ride, or walk on the beach
  • go to a comedy club

I know you've seen those couples in restaurants who don't talk to each other or worse yet are checking their FB as they're waiting for their food.  That may even be you!

Don't let yourself fall into the same old, same old that so many couples get comfortable in.  Sooner or later one of you will start looking for excitement elsewhere. 

Don't use the excuse that you're exhausted from the holidays.  Even the smallest of gestures such as an extra long hug and kiss can add some spice.  Remember your relationship needs constant tending to keep the flame bright.

You are each other's best protection from relationship problems, especially during stressful times such as when you're trying to get pregnant.

Tending to your relationship is your job but I can help tend to your health.  Book your appointment here: http://juliechang.genbook.com/

All my best,
Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eckspurt

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