Prescription for Success - More Sex...

Successful people invest time, energy, and money in improving themselves.

This applies to professional and personal success.  And fertility success.

Are your actions and thoughts moving you forward? 

Or, is the stress of waiting for each period stagnating you and choking off the creative energy you need to conceive?

To promote a fertile body, focus on a fertile mind abundant with creativity.  Whatever makes you feel good and lights you up, do more of it. 

Including sex. 

Seriously.  When was the last time either of you put effort into making an intimate night special that had nothing to do with it being the right time? Sex makes you feel closer to your partner so do more of it when you're not ovulating. 

Outside the bedroom, what project can you do with your loved one that will ignite creativity so you "give birth" to something you've built together?

It could be building a business, remodeling a room, growing a garden - anything that you're happily working together on.

Maybe, just maybe - creating something in one area will pave the way for the creation of something else...

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All my best,
Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eckspurt

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