Quit Whining and Do Something About It

Preface -  My ex is called "baby daddy" now. 

I refuse to give him the title of anything "my" - even if it's "my ex or my ex-husband".  He is no longer "my" anything other than "baby daddy" AKA BD.

Anyways, BD really peeved me yesterday.  Ex-es have a way of doing that when they're still in your life because of said offspring.  I spent a couple of hours of huffing and puffing about it. 

Then I went to the dog beach cuz I needed to clear the frustration. 

Remember Sunday, San Diegans?  It was postcard perfect.  Blue sky, everyone in shorts, dogs running around, people relaxed and smiling. 

That really put everything in perspective. 

The situation that pissed me off so much is the same regardless of how I feel about it. 

Sooo...I thought about what I still respect about him (I have to dig deep on this sometimes).  And it's that he's a great father.  All said and done, the most important thing is that my girls have an attentive and loving dad.  I can handle his shenanigans because I'm an adult and have the ability to choose not to let his actions affect me. 

With that subtle shift in mindset, the rest of the day was glorious.

So whatever crummy situation you're handed, it could be far worse.  Truly.  You could be dead.  See what I mean? 

Change your attitude towards it.  Cuz that's the only way you can get unstuck and joyfully hop on the path to your solution.

If you're having fertility issues, do your research to see if more can be done.  Find a local experienced holistic healthcare practitioner who can guide you. 

How do you find one if you can't get referrals? 



Then call them. 

If you don't like their vibe, move on to the next one.  Really, it's that easy.  You might be working with this person for months or even years.  You've got to like them.  

If you like what they have to say on the phone, book your initial consult. 

One step at a time.

Don't overcomplicate it.  Women are sooo good at that.  Sometimes it's just putting one foot in front of another and before you know it, you've crossed the finish line.

You can thank me later.

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Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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