New study proves it sure as hell isn't time to give up

I love how the universe works sometimes!

Yesterday I talked about the uselessness of FSH and AMH when trying to conceive naturally.

Lo and behold, looky what comes into my inbox today?  

The conclusion of a study published TWO DAYS AGO reported:
"Among women aged 30 to 44 years without a history of infertility who had been trying to conceive for 3 months or less, biomarkers indicating diminished ovarian reserve compared with normal ovarian reserve were not associated with reduced fertility. These findings do not support the use of urinary or blood follicle-stimulating hormone tests or antimüllerian hormone levels to assess natural fertility for women with these characteristics."

The importance of these findings prompted the authors to recommend that "Despite lack of evidence of their utility, biomarkers of ovarian reserve are being promoted as potential markers of reproductive potential. Among women attempting to conceive naturally, diminished ovarian reserve was not associated with infertility; women should be cautioned against using AMH levels to assess their current fertility."

In plain English...

Do NOT use AMH and FSH levels to predict your ability to get pregnant naturally.
Mic drop...

Here's the link to the study so you can blow it up, laminate it, and read it every time you feel like giving up.

I got your back, girl!

I'll leave you with this cuz I haven't included enough quotes today. ;)  

"Science is based on experiment, on a willingness to challenge old dogma, on an openness to see the universe as it really is. Accordingly, science sometimes requires courage—at the very least the courage to question the conventional wisdom." —Carl Sagan

Remember how everyone thought Earth was flat once upon a time?  Actually, there are still people who believe that. They're called "Flat Earthers".  Yes, I kid you not.

Stick with me cuz I'm the queen of flipping my middle finger at conventional thinking.  Never, ever follow the masses cuz the herd mentality by definition excludes the individual.  If you are going to do anything extraordinary, you MUST create your own path.  So pull up your granny panties and get to work!  Progress is slow but it sure doesn't come any faster if you quit.

If you want concrete fertility tips no matter what age you are, I'll unlock the doors to my online fertility training program in just a few weeks so don't go anywhere.  

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