Make your days mean something

My heart is heavy with the recent tragedies.  It doesn't seem to end.  So many unnecessarily broken families and lives.  The repercussions for them will continue for what is most likely the rest of their lives.

Even for those of us not directly affected, the ripple effect will touch us in some way.  

The latest in Las Vegas is particularly frustrating because, likely, as with every other shooting massacre, nothing will be done to prevent something similar from happening.  

And, so I have to focus on what I can control in my daily life.  Keep my head down and make the most of what I've been gifted with.
I am blessed to wake up every day excited for what's to come.  That anticipation didn't just magically appear though.  It came with a lot of hard work on my part - figuring out what makes me jump out of bed, ready to go.  

For me, I live/eat/breathe all things related to helping you improve your fertility.  And I love it.  I look forward to what new rabbit hole I'll go down each day - how to synthesize information from other fields, some not even medical related and tweak it so it becomes helpful in optimizing fertility.

For those of you who haven't connected with your passion, just getting out of bed in the morning is literally a drag.

My patient  told me she has FOUR different alarm clocks set 5 minutes apart.  You laugh but that's not any different from people constantly hitting the snooze button.  

She paraphrased me much more eloquently than how I actually said it...

"Snoozing means the day is not worthy of your attention."

Assuming that you had enough good quality sleep, if you have to start with your day with that many snooze hits, essentially delaying your day, something's off.

We only have 24 hours a day (minus 8-ish hours of sleep).   

Time is your most valuable asset.  You will never get it back.  

You draw the blueprint for your life.  Only you.  So design the life you want.  

It's not easy.  It requires focus.  In the beginning, it's going to be hard.  Nothing worthwhile comes without some grit and sweat.

Part of that life you want is to have a child.  As you're trying to get pregnant, you may feel your journey is especially challenging because of your age.  

But you've gotta start with the belief that it's even possible to have a healthy baby at your age.  Without that faith as an anchor, you will float in the wind, getting blown around by the newest fad/supplement/food/practice you uncover to help fertility.  Or each time you hear how impossible it is, you lose a little more hope.  

When my online fertility coaching reopens in November, I can be the voice guiding you through the dark hall so you're not wasting any more precious time.  I'll make an announcement in the upcoming weeks...

Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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