Is your man hurting your chances of getting pregnant?

It feels like I'm picking on men this week.  But really I'm not...

It just happens all these studies are coming across my desk at the same time.

The latest news shouldn't come as a shocker though. 

We already know being overweight and obesity decreases fertility in women.

And so it is with men as well...

A study published last week, found that greater body mass index (BMI) was closely associated with lower sperm count and overall poor semen quality.

The researchers theorize that the reduction of the sperm could be a result of excessive temperatures in the scrotum, which rises with weight gain.

Excess weight could also decrease male fertility by increasing sperm DNA damage and disrupting hormonal balance by creating too much estrogen in the fat tissue.

But have no fear, my online GPS (Get Pregnant & Stay pregnant) Fertility Program will walk men AND women through a nutritional program that's sure to drop excess pounds.  If you do the work, that is.

NOW, I'm gonna pick on the more sensitive gender.  Yes, you men.  ;)  

Traditionally, fertility issues fall on the very capable shoulders of women.  Especially as a woman gets into her late 30s and 40s - egg quality becomes an issue.  Fair enough.  

However, men have a responsibility to reach optimal health as well.  For several reasons...

One - the better the sperm quality, the less pressure on the woman to produce the best eggs.  

Two - Dad is contributing 50% of the DNA so embryo quality is dependent on sperm quality.  The healthier the sperm, the more likely fertilization will occur and an ensuing healthy pregnancy.  

Three - Since he's constantly making new sperm every 70ish days, he can help speed up the results if he puts forth the same effort as you to get healthy.  Waiting for a handful of eggs to improve enough for conception takes far longer than supercharging millions of sperm.

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