Are the fruits of your body contaminated?

Yesterday's email about persimmons was getting a little long so I'm continuing the discussion on fruits today.

I've read articles over the years about whether buying organic over non-organic foods was worth the extra cost. 

Unless the entire organic foods industry is lying to us, I'm going to assume that yes, they are cleaner than their non-organic versions. 

I don't care if it's just 1% cleaner because over time that 1% accumulates.  And my body (and those of my kids') are temples, not to be defiled by synthetic pest-killing chemicals.

Every time I read knuckle-headed articles like those, it's a face plant in my palms moment.  It comes down to a common sense situation.  Is it worth the extra expense to have peace of mind that I buy food for my family and myself which isn't exposed to chemicals that can potentially cause cancer and other chronic illnesses? 

It's called prevention, folks.  Pure and simple. 

By the time you get diagnosed with something, it's going to take a hell of a lot more work and cost to reverse the condition, if it's even possible.  

In fact, your fertility situation might arise from overexposure to pesticides.

According to new study published just 2 weeks ago, women who ate the highest amounts of high-pesticide produce were 18% less likely to get pregnant and 26% less likely to deliver a baby. The scientists concluded that typical daily pesticide exposure through the diet may have adverse reproductive consequences.

And dudes are just as susceptible...

Another study found that glyphosate-based pesticides like Monsanto’s Roundup increased impairment in sperm structure and reproduction in male animals.

Most disturbing of all, was how 10 out of 11 Ben & Jerry's ice cream samples tested positive for Roundup contamination.  Nooooo!!!  Cherry Garcia - say it isn't so!!

And interestingly...

A study found that eating an organic diet helps remove pesticides from your body. The scientists found that organic foods eaten on a regular basis reduce the concentrations of compounds that are formed when the body attempts to eliminate pesticides, suggesting that the organic diet helps the body to detoxify the compounds we’ve already been exposed to.

So here's the giddyup...

Choose organic whenever possible.  'Nuff said.

In my online GPS (Get Pregnant & Stay pregnant) Fertility Program, I talk about specific fruits and vegetables necessary to improve your fertility.  

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