Thanksgiving recipes for you procrastinators

I'm probably still on the road as you read this, making the 8+ hour drive from San Diego to San Francisco to visit my family.  So I'm keeping it simple today...

If you need last minute ideas on what to bring for Thanksgiving dinner that's actually good for your fertility, below are some recipes.  I included notes on ingredient substitutions that are more fertility friendly.  All ingredients should be organic, whenever possible.

Here goes...

Bacon-wrapped sweet potato fries 

  • use bacon that is free of nitrates and nitrites
  • forego the dipping sauces (it's bacon - do you really need a dipping sauce?!?)

Warm roasted sweet potato salad

  • use bacon that is free of nitrates and nitrites
  • use olive oil or coconut oil instead of canola oil
  • omit the blue cheese crumbles (or put it to the side for those not trying to get pregnant)
  • use raw, local honey
  • use organic, raw, unsalted pecans

Roasted brussels sprouts

  • If you've never had or didn't like it in the past, it's worth trying this recipe.  Done right, brussels sprouts are da bomb! 
  • If they're too bitter, add in a little maple syrup.
  • No one's gonna complain about chopped, cooked bacon mixed in.  Unless you're vegetarian, vegan, or Jewish.  

Pan-seared duck breast 

  • Sorry, maybe it's cuz I didn't grow up celebrating Thanksgiving, but turkey is probably my least favorite meat. .......  Yeah, I can't think of anything else, right now.  So may I introduce to you an alternative holiday meat that's waaaayyyyyy easier & faster (less than 10 minutes) to prepare.  DUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!  Yep, duck would be my last meal on Death Row.  
  • Recipe calls for Pekin duck breast.  Don't worry about which variety.  I've always gotten the Muscovy.  Pastured, if you can.
  • Use raw, local honey
  • Use grass-fed butter (Kerrygold is widely available)
  • If you're able to score pastured duck, save the fat drippings to use for cooking elsewhere.

Pumpkin custard

Happy Thanksgiving!

Now you can't eat like this everyday but my online GPS (Get Pregnant & Stay pregnant) Fertility Program does show you what to eat on a daily basis.  So roll your overstuffed self here...

Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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  • B.S. Microbiology & Molecular Genetics, UCLA

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