How to make sure you don't get pregnant

You know what's the secret to having more time to do the things that are important to you?
You MAKE the time.

Yes, it seems obvious.  

The thing is that for many of us, we spend most of our days serving others.

Most of that time is spent serving the boss and your clients.  Then your partner.  You usually come in last - and often, only when there's spare time.

You get the leftover time, the breadcrumbs.

As a mom, I sometimes don't order what I truly want when I'm with my kids.  Cuz I hate food waste so I become the garbage disposal.  I know my 8yo won't finish it so I wait until she's done and I'll swoop in. 

I learned it from my mom and lo and behold, here I am doing the exact same thing. Lol.

The point is that we often put ourselves last. 

That's fine and dandy, now and then.  Cuz I really didn't need that chocolate mousse anyway.  My 8yo's ice cream will do just fine. ;)

 Here's the problem...

If you're trying to get pregnant and you're "too busy" to do what you know you need to do to get you in a healthier state, how is conception going to happen?

How is a nutrient-dense meal going to magically appear on your dining table?  Or a hot bath waiting for you at the end of the day?  Or your workout clothes magically all sweaty from the hard work?

It doesn't.

You have to put the time into it.

No one else can.

If you don't take care of yourself, sorry, sista, no one else will.  Cuz it's no one's job but your own to make sure you get the time and attention you deserve.

So stop with the "I'm too busy" excuse. 

Cuz if it's important enough, you'll make the time.

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Julie Chang,
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