Your baby has an almost zero chance of existing...


Author Dr. Ali Binazir calculated the odds of you existing, as you, today. 

It starts with the chances of your parents meeting - 1 in 20,000

Then they had to stay together long enough to have kids - 1 in 2,000

So far,  the odds are at 1 in 40,000,000 (40 million)

Mom has about 100,000 eggs in her lifetime

Dad makes about 4 trillion sperm during the years you could have been born

What are the odds that the 1 egg met the 1 sperm that made YOU?

1 in 400,000,000,000,000,000 (400 quadrillion)


WAIT!  There's more...

Now factor in the odds of each of your ancestors going through that same cycle as your parents.  All the way back to the first single celled organism 4 BILLION years ago.  That's 150,000 generations.

 What are the odds of the right sperm meeting the right egg 150,000 times?

1 in 10 to 2,685,000th power. (That's 2,685,000 zeros)

In conclusion, the odds that you exist at all are basically...


Now that you know how unlikely you are to exist, know that you can make your own miracle.

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