Thor can be my God of Thunder

I'm baaaacccck!

My emails will resume its regularly scheduled daily programming, minus weekends.

For those of you who have been with me for awhile, you probably thought I was out lounging around in my robe, eating bon-bons hand-fed to me by Chris Hemsworth.  Nope, that would only be in my dreams.


Sigh...The new Thor movie was so worth watching for his gratuitous shirtless scene, in 3D, no less.  That was worth $20!  I didn't even need to bring $1 bills.  Just charged it to my credit card.

That reminds me of an argument once on Facebook with a guy who vehemently declared that women would never go for Chris Hemsworth if he worked at McDonald's.  Cuz he had no power, money, or status.

My response was (not verbatim): "Whose crack are you snorting?  If a hot stud like Chris offered himself to me as a single, available woman, it would be a disservice to myself to turn that down."

My point was that no matter how incompatible McD's Chris would be, I'm gonna indulge myself some yumminess bundled up in 6'3" of muscle bound studliness.

It's not much different when you drink that extra glass of wine, sneak a piece of cake, or eat a plate of coma-inducing white pasta (convincing yourself it has all the major food groups with the tomato sauce and cheese).


We all do stuff that's a little indulgent. 

Some of that isn't good for your fertility.  Certainly isn't going to boost your egg quality or his swimmers.

'S ok though.

Just as long as you don't keep doing it.  Although McD's Chris might have to be an exception. :P

Anyhoo, the reason I took a sabbatical for a few weeks from my daily emails was cuz I was working really hard on opening my online GPS (Get Pregnant & Stay pregnant) Fertility Program!  It's ready for you.  The question is: "Are YOU ready?".  Look for your answer  here:

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