Lemonade, anyone?

More luvin' on Tiffany Haddish...

I gobbled down Tiffany's book "The Last Black Unicorn".

First of all, I'm such an idiot for not getting on the audiobook bandwagon long ago.  I finished listening to the book in 2 days at 1.5X speed while doing other things e.g. driving, cooking.  Multi-tasking, baby!!  OMG - I'm going to end up in the poorhouse cuz of all the audiobooks I'm gonna have to buy now.


She narrates with her South Central LA spice which makes it even funnier (that's why I got it as an audiobook).  They have a very distinctive speaking style and slang.  And she's just so craaazzzyyy.  

Mostly hilarious.  But often heartbreaking. 

She recounts some of the turning points in her life and how she overcame the challenges of being a foster child.

One of them is when she catches her boyfriend, Titus, cheating on her with a stripper, Bertha.  Tiffany finds out Titus has been pimping Bertha out to film porn movies but keeps all the money.  Bertha, not being so bright, is happy with Titus paying to get her hair and nails done as payment for said services.  To get revenge on Titus, Tiffany offers to pimp out Bertha and only take 10% for her cut.  Bertha's on cloud 9 cuz she's now keeping 90% with Tiffany as her "manager" instead of 0% with Titus.  That means Bertha's less available for Titus's gigs since she's working for Tiffany.  So that gig goes on for awhile until Titus finds out...

Dayam!  If this isn't the best example of making lemonade out of lemons, I don't know what is!


It's hard dealing with fertility issues. 

Seeing everyone one around you getting pregnant and having babies. 

Having to deal with the disappointment of Aunt Flo everyone.

No one can truly understand the pain of having the wounds re-opened every month.


you can make this your lemonade, if you really want to. 

All of life's challenges are opportunities to learn and grow. 

Whether or not you can shift your mindset to think it from that angle is completely up to you. 

It's all about taking one small step at a time.  

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