I quit!

I quit!

I've decided instead of helping women grow their families, I'm gonna help dudes get more game.

Cuz I am tired of looking at these stoooopid dating profiles.

I can tell these are smart guys.  Just have no sense when it comes to dating.

Yeah, I know you feel me, ladies.  

Count your lucky stars that you are clear from this swamp of clueless dudes.  You would think they would have more game now that they're older. 

Uh, no. 

They just had longer to carry around their emotional baggage so that they're not even trainable anymore.

I'm not even gonna go into the stupid stuff they pull once you meet them in person.

Naw.  Those are other emails... ;)

I'm gonna stick with how they present themselves.

You know - the whole first impression and all.  In online dating, that would be his bio.

Seriously... who gives a rat's azz what he looked like 10 years ago, 20 pounds lighter, and a 6 pack?  If that's not how you look now, that's just straight up deception.  Making me think I'm gonna get a hunk of manly man but then not so much in person.  That's fine but just don't front.

If you post pics of you in a group and a hot guy is next to you, I'm gonna be sorely disappointed in the next picture when I find out that wasn't you.  Solo pics, boys.

I wanna see what you look like.  Not what you look like bundled up in ski clothes with effin' ski goggles on to boot.

I'm not potentially dating your dog, cat, niece, nephew, etc.  So why are they taking valuable real estate when they should be pics of you!!

If you don't want to be seen as a player, don't post pics of you partying in a club with women hanging off your arms.  Or pic after pic with a mug of beer in hand.  

For crying out loud, how difficult can it be?!?

Anyhoo... now that I've vented...I guess, back to you :)

Just as these guys are writing their bios and posting their pics to portray themselves a certain way...

We often see ourselves not as who we really are but who we want to be, or on the flip side, who we aren't.

In your case, as mothers...

Often, we walk around with these stories of ourselves that's formed by what we think, what society tells us, what media pushes on us, the highlight reels of peoples' lives on social media (personally, I think the most toxic thing anyone can do is constantly look at other people's feeds cuz it just makes us feel inadequate - I don't care how confident you are - so don't do it!), etc., etc.... 

These stories are often about what's wrong with our lives.  That you're not pregnant.  That you're scared/anxious/depressed that it won't ever happen.  That you're too old.  That it'll just end up in another miscarriage.  That the next IVF will fail - again.

But realize that the story is still being written... every second, minute, hour of the day.  

How you want it to end is 100% up to you.

So take a razor-sharp machete and cut through all the external noise that doesn't serve you.  Be ruthless.  Blood and guts should be dripping from your blade, sliding down your arms, and collecting into a nasty mess in your armpits.

Figure out what you want to be.

It's a matter of taking a look at the literal and proverbial mirror.  Taking stock of all that you have accomplished.  All of who you are.  Acknowledging there are still pieces that are missing. 

You wanna be a loving mom with a healthy baby? 

Embody that.

Be who you want to be NOW.  

Being a mom is about love, patience, consistency, discipline.  If you don't have those qualities now, cultivate them.

In doing so, you increase your chances of bringing forth your baby.


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