Can you drink when TTC?

It's hard to stick to the "no alcohol" rule when trying to get pregnant at this time of year. 

There's just way too much temptation! 

What's a few sips here and there?



Besides impairing your judgment, even small amounts of alcohol have been shown to interfere with the growth of a fetus.

Alcohol's impact depends on how much is consumed, for how long, and when during the pregnancy.  For example, alcohol consumed by a mother with a one-month-old fetus could alter the development of the brain; at four to eight weeks, facial structures, heart and eyesight could be affected. Two to three months into fetal development, alcohol consumption could lead to the growth of extra digits.

Not much alcohol is required.  Even the equivalent of one 12-ounce beer, consumed at the wrong time, could disrupt the developmental pathway and lead to a defect.

It is estimated that approximately 100 babies are born in the United States each day with some degree of alcohol induced birth defects, at an annual cost of $10 billion to the health care system.

So drinking alcohol during a time when you could be pregnant might not be a great idea this holiday season.

However, if temptation proves too great, you can do something to reduce alcohol's effect... 

Eat saturated fat with your wine. 

The cholesterol can reduce the potential damage. 

Help yourself to the cheese platter.  Sausage, bacon, red meat, eggs are all sources of saturated fat.

But there is a hierarchy of the best fats to improve fertility

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