Reflecting on 2017...

As the last email of the year, I wish you all a Happy New Year!

Indulge me one last parting thought...

And that is - Do not leave 2017 behind prematurely. 

Taking the time to reflect on both the ups and downs provide many opportunities to learn and grow from. 

The happy moments are times for you to hold on to so you can return to them in your mind or recreate them for the future.  Often when we are stressed and unhappy, we forget about those bright spots and can be submerged in the darkness of the moment.  But if you journal them, it's easier you for you to go back to them.  As long as it's not at the expense of creating new happy memories!

Although painful, the difficult experiences are just as much a part of our life as the happier ones.  It's these that define who we are, challenging us beyond our usual limits (physical and emotional) - forcing us to grow.  The happy times are often our reward for making it through, a natural consequence of pushing past our discomfort and resistance.

In time with practice, developing the resiliency from the difficult experiences will allow you to get up faster with less skinned knees and palms, ready to face the next day.

If you don't, the same situations or variations of them will continually pop up to challenge you until you've learned the lesson. 

And as that skill of getting right back up when you get the wind knocked out of you develops, you will have many more brighter days than not.

If you want your fertility journey to be one of expansion and learning, rather than one of fear and anxiety, my online GPS (Get Pregnant & Stay pregnant) Fertility Program is for you.  But act quick before the holiday special disappears Jan 2:

See you next year!

Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

The Real Deal:

  • Natural Fertility Coach
  • Licensed Fertility Acupuncturist for 18 years
  • Master in Traditional Oriental Medicine, Magna Cum Laude
  • B.S. Microbiology & Molecular Genetics, UCLA

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