Recipe: Broccoli Puree

I had a "Mom of the Year" moment last night when my 12yo said that I made healthy food taste good.  Yay!!

It was a super simple dinner of baked sweet potatoes, leftover broccoli puree, and sausage.

When eating healthier to promote fertility, there's no need to overcomplicate it.  

People panic over cooking.

But if you use high quality ingredients, it requires less fuss and muss cuz the flavors can shine through without drowning them in sauces. 

Often butter, salt, and pepper and the most basic cooking techniques like baking, roasting, sauteing, or steaming are enough to bring out the natural flavors.

But the one thing healthy eating requires is planning.  

Cuz you can't wing it by deciding what you're going to eat when you're actually hungry.

So weekends come in handy to shop, prep, and cook in large batches leaving the weekdays to just reheat, if you don't have time.

The broccoli puree I made is a perfect example.  

Place steamed organic frozen broccoli, grass-fed butter or organic coconut oil, and steaming liquid from the pot in blender until very smooth. 

Adjust liquid to your desired consistency.

Thinner if you want it as a broccoli soup.

Thicker if you want it as a sauce over meats and other veggies or a puree on the side like I did last night.

Add salt and pepper to taste.  

Experiment with other spices.  I added curry and that was yummy.  Next time I'll add caramelized onions.

Easy peasy, lemon squeasy.

It's difficult to know what foods best enhance fertility.

But have no fear!

That's what my online GPS (Get Pregnant & Stay pregnant) Fertility program is all about.  I dive DEEP into nutrition.  More about that here:

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