Happy New Year! Yes, AGAIN!!! No, It's Not Groundhog Day.

It's almost 1.5 months into 2017. 

How are your New Year resolutions doing?  Are you doing everything you can to improve your health and consequently, your fertility?   Dropped the ball a little?

No worries. 

Here's your 2nd chance with Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year began Jan 28 and lasts until Feb 15.  So you still have a few days to reaffirm your vision. 

In Chinese astrology, there are 12 Chinese Zodiac signs. Because the moon's cycle repeats itself every 12 years, there are 12 animals in the Chinese Horoscope - one for each year of the lunar cycle.  In contrast, the 12 animals in the Western Zodiac are assigned to each solar month.

How did the Chinese Zodiac originate?

According to one of the many myths, thousands of years ago, Buddha decided to call all the animals on earth. But only twelve came:

  • the Rat
  • the Ox
  • the Tiger
  • the Rabbit
  • the Dragon
  • the Snake
  • the Horse
  • the Goat or Sheep
  • the Monkey
  • the Rooster
  • the Dog
  • the Pig

As a reward, he assigned each animal a year on the cycle.  Children born in that year would acquire the personality traits of that animal.

In order to decide their order in the Chinese Zodiac cycle, the animals held a race. The first one to winwould be granted the first year, the second to come in would be the second animal in the cycle, and so on.

The strong, hardworking Ox was in the lead.  But the clever Rat jumped on the Ox's back and hitched a ride.  At the last second, the Rat jumped off the Ox and to cut in front to win the race!  The Ox came in second, the Tiger third, and so it went... the happy-go-lucky Pig took his time and came in last. 

Thus the Chinese Zodiac and its twelve signs were born...

So take advantage of this time of renewal and commit to improving yourself.  Make 2017 the best year yet.

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Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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