Is Being a Superwoman Getting in Your Way?

"My body was rejecting the pregnancy because I was too masculine with my work.  But by an absolute miracle I came through the pregnancy fine and came back perfectly healthy."

That's a quote from online Forbes featuring a "coach that hustles."

I don't know how she could possibly have linked a threatened pregnancy with "masculine" energy.

However, as a fertility acupuncturist, I believe too much masculine energy can make it more difficult to conceive. 

Masculine energy (yang) is about "doing" and "action" whereas feminine energy (yin) is about receiving.  The higher up you are in your workplace, the more masculine you're required to be.

Being fertile and pregnant is the ultimate expression of receiving.

Too much masculine energy is what we typically see in Type A personalities.  In other words, masculine energy = testosterone.

For some women, constantly being in the masculine can create a situation where there's too much testosterone.  This can disrupt hormonal regulation causing fertility issues. 

Don't get me wrong...I'm all about women conquering the world since I think we can do just as well or even better than men.

However, many women need to leave that "take charge" energy at work in order to fully appreciate who you are as a woman. Otherwise you become the alpha in your intimate relationships. If you want to be the lead, there's nothing wrong with that so have at it.

If however you want your man to take the lead so you can stay in the feminine, give him the space to do his thing.  Let him open doors for you.  Let him fix that crack in the wall without micromanaging him. 

We tend to over-control our men because we do things so much more quickly and that's when we become too yang or too masculine. 

Instead, take a deep breath, step back, and let it go. 

Doing less and just being open to receiving the love your partner gives you might be what you need to stress less.

Stop being a superwoman! 

And just be...

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Julie Chang,
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