Let's Hug It Out

I do believe I had one of my most inspired moments as a parent yesterday.

My 8yo and her friend were fighting.  She called him "fat" (he's not).  He called her an "idiot" (she's not). 

In those situations, I usually say something placating since I didn't witness the event to see who started it.

This time however, I told them their consequence for the behavior was to "Hug It Out".

OMG!  The look on their faces were priceless.  The other 2 kids witnessing this were laughing their asses off.

They refused.

I insisted.

Said we weren't moving until they hugged it out. 

After initially refusing, they inched towards each other and barely touched one another with their fingertips.

"Nope.  Not good enough.  We're not moving until I see real hugs", I said.

After a few comical attempts, they finally hugged. 

The best part of it was that when they finally overcame their disgust of my directive, they were laughing instead of pissed off.

So I say, "Hug it out" if you're ticked off at someone. 

You can't help but smile when you're forced to put aside your anger, hurt, and disappointment to touch someone with love.

You're welcome.

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Julie Chang,
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