How Do I Get My Head Out of My A$$?

" I have been reading and reading and reading all these posts and wow it's so enlightening!!!! So one thing I would like to start is meditation, or some mindfulness type to organise my brain stuff!!!!! Where do I start please?! A book, an app??? I don't really know and wondered if anyone on here does it?"  asks an inquiring mind seeking enlightenment.

So many options that it can get confusing...

To keep it simple, download the Headspace app. 

The 10 day trial is excellent.  The accompanying videos are really well done.  You can stick with the trial or upgrade to a paid membership.

The key is consistency so it becomes a habit.  

Brushing your teeth twice daily becomes a habit when you do it regularly.  It doesn't matter what toothpaste or toothbrush you use.  It's the practice of making the time to brush that's vital.

So it is with meditation. 

It doesn't matter what app/book/soundtrack you use.  Those are merely tools. 

It's the daily practice that entrenches the habit in your brain.  Skipping a day because you're busy makes it easier to missthe following day. 

So even if it's only for 5 minutes. 

Just do it.

If you're one of my patients, I teach a very simple technique to meditate. 

I use it every day.  Twice a day.  20 minutes each time.

It's my refuge.  It clears my mind - essentially gets my head out of my a$$.

And so it can be for you.

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Julie Chang,
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