My Dog Teaches Me a Painful Lesson...Again!


I wiped out on my bike this morning. 

The scrapes on my knee, ankle, and foot prove it. 

My dog's energetic so walking doesn't cut it.  Being the good doggie mom that I am, I take him on runs while I bike.

I've been doing this for awhile so I really should have learned my lesson after the first few times he pulled me off my bike.

Running makes him want to poop. 

I know this. 

But I thought I would be in the clear this morning since he went when we started the run just 30 minutes earlier.

First mistake: I went all out up a hill.  I wanted a good workout.

Second mistake: We were on the street.  I like the street because it's wide.  But the sidewalk has grass for him to run on.

Halfway up the hill, he stops suddenly and gets into his pooping crouch. 

The law of physics requires that I stop too since I'm holding his leash. 

I do. 

Off my bike, crashing to the concrete.

Then I have to clean up liquidy poop off the street which would have been much easier if it had been grass.

I have only myself to blame.

He's caused enough wipe outs that I should know to go slow in case of a bathroom emergency.

Human nature.  How easily we forget past mistakes.

That's why we need constant reminders to do the right things.

That's why I'm here to guide patients to continue to work on eating better, exercise more, reduce stress, use regular acupuncture to boost fertility.

So when's the next time I'm going to wipe out? 

It's gonna happen.  Shit.  It's gonna hurt.

But my dog is spent.  He's sprawled out next to me in a doggie coma.

Life is good.

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