Supplements Hurt Fertility

I came across a video of a reproductive endocrinologist answering the question "What supplements can a woman or man take to help increase their success of conceiving?"

His response angered me.

"It's all fraudulent...They hurt fertility, rather than help fertility...It's a waste of your time and money"

To make such a blanket statement about the effectiveness of supplements is hugely irresponsible. 

I'll be the first to admit that there are a lot of products that make false claims because the supplement industry isn't regulated.

But there are many ethical supplement companies that produce high quality products whose mission is to help the people they serve.

To find them, be your own advocate.  Do your research.

Personally, I love recommending supplements.  They are a more natural and safer shortcut to achieving your goal.

Supplements can help bridge nutritional gaps.  Even if you eat the healthiest diet 100% of the time (who does?), modern agricultural practices have depleted our soils so our foods aren't as nutrient dense as they were.  The feed given livestock is inferior thus producing low quality meats.  

Supplements can improve organ function so that our bodies detox more efficiently.  We are being exposed to thousands ofchemicals every day from every possible source - air, water, food, whatever comes into contact with our skin.

However, not all supplements are created equal. 

That's why I only recommend those that I know have worked for others.  On top of that, I muscle test my patients to see if the supplements they're taking are compatible with their unique body.

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