Good Julie Hunting (for Rainbows)

"The best and most beautiful things can't be seen or touched - they must be felt with the heart."
Author and Educator, Helen Keller

It's raining now as I write this email.  I'm hoping when the rain stops, I'll be able to see a rainbow. 

Unlike the rain, rainbows don't do anything.  They don't clean the environment, replenish our lakes, relieve us of drought. 

They do squat.

But they do remind me of the many Lucky Charms commercials I watched as a kid.  Are they still around?!?  Makes me want to grab a box and just go to town on them.  No milk needed.

Rainbows also remind me of the beauty that surrounds us. 

Popping up in different ways. 

We just need to take a moment to enjoy them. 

A deep breath.  The air is crisper and fresher after the rain.

Be still.  Does it seem quieter after a good rain?  Or is that just me? 

Savor it.  Grass is greener.  They stand taller, prouder.  Sky is bluer.  What animal shapes can you see in the clouds? 

Everything is in HD after a good, hard cleansing rain.

Go outside. 

You don't have to look for actual rainbows.  But, if you look, I bet you'll notice something that you haven't before.

These little pauses uplift the soul. 

They help us get through the day a little more easily.

They get us out of our head. 

Connect us back to nature.

Remember to take these moments when you're feeling like the world is against you. 

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