How Spending More Gets You Less

I spend thousands of dollars every year investing in myself.

My rewards...

More knowledge, less drama

I go to conferences and seminars, attend webinars, buy online self-paced programs, read books/journals/studies about subjects I love to learn more about.

  • health, nutrition, acupuncture, reproductive medicine
  • growing a business (what's the point of having these skills if people don't know about them?)
  • relationships (I'm single so I want to know this stuff.  It's also directly applicable to my patients.)

I do this for myself because I love to learn. 

But I also do this so I can better serve my community - friends, family, my patients, and the people reading my daily emails. 

Making a difference in someone's life gives mine more meaning. 

This continual self-improvement serves another big purpose. 

It keeps my head out of my ass.  It's hard to get stuck in there with my problems and wallow in self-pity when I'm excited about all the new things I'm learning.  The drama in my life is inversely proportional to how much I invest in myself.

More investment...less drama

At least, that's been my experience.

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Julie Chang,
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