How My Test Taking Strategies Can Help Your Fertility

Based on my email yesterday about investing in myself, you probably think I was a great student.

I was.

In high school.  But truth be told, there was little competition. 

Then I got to UCLA. 

Some of the smartest kids from California in one school.  My ass got whipped with a vengeance.
But I got into UCLA partially because of my SAT scores.  The SAT is the college admission test.  I did pretty well on it.

Early on as a student, I figured out how to take multiple choice tests such as the SAT. 

My approach was to...

  • answer all easy questions first
  • skip the ones that I got stalled on
  • pick the longest answer on questions I really didn't know the answer to
  • not correct an answer since the first gut response was usually the right one

The point was to get as many correct answers as quickly as possible. 

Don't get bogged down by the difficult questions cuz I'll run out of time. 

Instead, if I just skipped them temporarily, I built up my confidence with the easy questions.  Then I could tackle the hard ones with whatever time I had left over.  Psychologically, I had a more difficult time moving on if I let myself dwell on questions I couldn't answer easily. 

My approach to test taking is often how I tackle life. 

Life's a timed test.

Got a big, complex problem to solve? 

Break it down into small, simple steps.  Do the easy stuff first.  Build confidence from the small successes.  Then take on the challenges. 

You'll sometimes fail.  Fact of life. 

No biggie though - pivot.

Getting pregnant is the ultimate timed test with the ticking biological clock. 

Improving fertility is a series and interplay of small steps. 

Drinking clean water, getting plenty of quality sleep, eating right, taking the correct supplements, stress management, figuring out the best fertility treatment, ...

The cumulative effect of these choices will lead you to success. 

It's often not just one thing.

Do what you can. 

Ask for help to fill in the blanks.

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Julie Chang,
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