Why Saying "No" Gets You More

Instead of watching the Super Bowl, I took my kids to the rock climbing gym.  Figured it would be pretty empty cuz of the game.

It was.

I thought it would just be me and my 2 girls climbing.  Then they invited 2 other friends.  Not thinking it through, I agreed.

I realized my mistake almost immediately. 

5 climbers and only 2 people able to belay (hold the rope while someone climbs).  That meant it wasn't worth it for me to pay for the day pass and rental gear to get in a few climbs. 

So I didn't climb and just belayed.

Later on that night, I told my daughter we're not inviting friends again unless they can belay.   

There was a time when I was more self-sacrificing.  Those days are drawing to an end.  I'll give allowances here and there for the sake of my kids.  But for the most part, I'm doing what makes me happy.  And it sure isn't watching other people climb while I'm holding the rope.

I learned the hard way that the only person responsible for my happiness is myself.  Certainly not my now ex.  Not my family.  Not my friends.

Part of the happiness comes from setting boundaries so that I don't overextend myself.  Don't do things that leave me with regret.  Instead, do things that filleth my cup with numminess.

It can be hard because I like to please others and help those I can.

But at the end of the day, it's my life. 

Just as it's yours.

Only you can determine what serves you.  What fills your life with more joy and love. 

Figure that out.  Use that as your filter.  And it becomes easier every time to say "no".  Cuz that "no" can translate to less stress and more happiness. 

Go figure.


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Julie Chang,
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