The One Thing You Need in Difficult Times


Oh, you people are such voyeurs!  I had one of the highest open rates ever for the email I sent out yesterday.  I guess I made the subject line titillating enough.

I am touched by the kind words many of you sent me.  Thank you!!

I had never experienced the level of love and support from my family and friends that I got when I separated from my ex last year.  I never needed it until then.

It truly is what got me through.  Even better than that, I can honestly say I'm thriving.

Knowing that someone will listen to me without judgment and allow me the space to process my emotions, feelings, and thoughts provides freedom to work through what would otherwise shackle me to my anger, confusion, grief, and the general what-the-fuck-just-happened overwhelm. 

Dreams that have been planned for years were shattered with a few words.

You know this surreal feeling as well if you're having problems getting pregnant. You never thought it would happen to you.  Until it did.

You feel alone.  And you are.  Because no one else is going through it the way you are. 

But you don't have to continue this journey by yourself.

Reach out to your community while you're trying to get pregnant.

It's understandable that sharing your fertility struggles is uncomfortable.

I encourage you though to be more open about it so you can get the love and support you need during such an otherwise lonely time. 

Just because your friends and family aren't going through it doesn't mean they're not capable of being there for you.

You just need to ask for help.  And that's hard, isn't it? 

It doesn't have to be.

I'm just a phone call away if you want help with your fertility journey, call me at (858) 495-0771 or book here:

Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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