Worms, Bacteria, and Fertility

I don't drink alcohol. 


It's the Achilles Heel of many an Asian.  That's why you'll see us getting bright red.  We don't metabolize alcohol well. 

In my case, my body can't process it at all.  It gives me a headache within 3 sips and turns into a full blown migraine if I keep going.  I found this out in college over and over again, at one party after another.  Those are other stories best to stay buried. ;)

But I still go to wineries.  I love learning about how they work. 

One of the wineries we went to in Mexico 2 weekends ago was an organic operation. 

They avoid using pesticides by strengthening thevines from the inside out with microorganisms so that they're more resistant to pests.

The owner grows his own microflora by composting with worms.  The worms break down the food and their poop is vine fodder, literally.  He grabs a couple of handfuls of worm shit and mixes it into 5 gallons of water.  This mixture then gets worked into the soil and sprayed on the vines. 

As a bonus, he dips 2 fingers into the worm poop water and licks his fingers.

The reasoning is that the microorganisms in the worm poop will strengthen the vines' (and the owner's) immune systems.

Similar to how we use probiotics to replenish gut bacteria. 

We can damage our digestive systems with antibiotics, conventionally raised meats fed with antibiotics, overuse of antibacterial hand sanitizer, and processed foods (excessive sugar feeds the bad bacteria).

But you can build up the gut microbiome naturally by:

  • eating fermented vegetables (sauerkraut) and natto (fermented soy)
  • taking a probiotic supplement
  • increasing your fiber with vegetables
  • going outside more to increase your exposure to different microbes

A healthy digestive system won't give you belching, farting, stomach upset, nausea, orheartburn.  You also have a good poop everyday - formed like a log, not too stinky, and no strain.  Was that TMI? Lol. 

A healthy digestive system allows you to more efficiently extract nutrients from your foods. 

More nutrients means more quality building blocks for your ovaries, eggs, uterus, and brain.  Thus slowly improving your fertility.

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